Welcome to “Pixel Arthouse Poems.”  This was my very first endeavor into doing anything creative with video games.  I was inspired by the excellent work of my Gambing Rebellion brothers Aggro Sky and Arkonviox.

Pixel Arthouse started as just a bunch of intentionally bad MS Paint art work mixed with some memes that were either original or edited by me, my wife does the reading, and the hi-hat you hear in the background is just me going tsss ts ts-tsss ts ts-tsss, over and over.

Pixel Arthouse will be a Gaming Rebellion exclusive, and as such, I plan to greatly improve the quality of the images, and to add appropriate professional-sounding background music, so stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy my first poem, “The Gamer.”

(Click Image to Watch Video)

Pixel Arthouse Poems