It’s happened to us all. You get the latest Call of Battlefield: Modern World at Bad Company Warfare VII. You load up the disc and ready your thumbs to blast some Nazis. You start a new game and it leads you right into a lengthy tutorial mission to teach you the mechanics for a game that hasn’t changed in years.

You are days into The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Skyward Wind Waking Ocarina of Twilight Sword. You open your 163rd treasure chest and experience yet another break in the game to explain what the hell these bomb thingies are. AND how to use them, even though you just blasted a hole into the wall that gave you access to the very room that holds the stupid chest in the first place.

We, as experienced gamers, hold a deep seeded hatred for tutorials. In this editorial video, the point is driven home that tutorials are simply not needed or at the very least, should be optional. With the lack of innovation and removal of any sense of discovery and accomplishment, we have been reduced to guided-tour gaming. Modern game developers, take note! We don’t want or need our hands held in order to “enjoy” your games. Please everyone, share this important message and let the industry know we’ve had enough.

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