Welcome back, everyone, to episode 2 of Pixel Arthouse Poetry.

Today we have an epic tale of a classic video game that’s so bad, it’s not even considered to be an actual game. Furthermore, it doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to do very well :/.

When I started writing this, I thought about Color a Dinosaur, and “what if there were two kids that absolutely loved this game and played it all the time?” Then the poem kind of wrote itself.



  • I was grinning from the start, but I couldn’t contain the laughter when a certain group of spirits made an appearance. ;)

  • When said group appeared I was just waiting for a Captain Planet joke.

  • Rizzard Core

    I think I toyed around with the Captain Planet idea for a bit, but I decided to go for unrelated pop-culture references ;)

  • It still works. You have far more self restraint that I do, Rizz.