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Join the rebellion. The rebellion against top 10 lists and barebones game reviews. The rebellion against poorly written content and low-res screenshots. The rebellion against “gamer stigmas” from outside the gaming community and retro vs. modern snobbery from within. We’re not another faceless clone in the milieu of gaming journalism. We’re the Gaming Rebellion.

We, like you, understand that good games are like good books: the experience carries on long after you’ve finished them. You wonder how they were made, who made them, and how a masterpiece is brought about by rich gaming history. You contemplate the story and characters idly throughout the day. You return, again and again, looking for ways to make that experience bigger.

At the very least, a good game will get that catchy 8 bit tune stuck in your head. At the most, it can form lasting friendships, change our lives, and help to sculpt the people that we are. Good games are more than just distractions and more than just leisure. They are part of who we are.

At the Gaming Rebellion, we understand this and we’re here to explore this integral part of our identity. We dive into every angle, every organ, every common vein of the games we love. We’re not afraid to love them. Neither are you. Join the Rebellion.