DuckTales is great no matter what the platform.

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Logo by Lisa Freeman

I forgot to note that the song “Money Vault” is an original by Jake Kaufman.

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Alex Weiss is a student of film and photography who also immensely enjoys his Super Nintendo. When he's not reliving his childhood through 16-bit goodness he is thinking up new video ideas, or wasting time on Twitter. Follow him @Chronoslinger.

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  • GaminTank

    Great Review. I had no clue that two levels had similar stories to actual Ducktales episodes. It’s a nice touch by Wayforward.

  • Jimmy Hapa

    Nice video man! My buddy Jay Dubious just put out a DuckTales vid the other day too, so between that one and yours, I’m really in the mood to pick up the remake on Wii U and have decided that I’ll pick it up later in the month! Thanks for the nudge!

  • Alex Weiss

    Thanks guys! I don’t know how to reply to comments here. Thanks so much for watching!

  • Media Breakdown

    Way Forward continues to impress me, and I can’t wait to see what they do down the line. Thanks for sharing the video! :)