In the episode that kicks off the Import Gaming FTW! video series, I take a look back at Gunners Heaven, a 2-D side-scrolling run-and-gun shooting action game (hyphen-pocalypse!) released in 1995 for the PlayStation One.   As far as I can remember, this was the first import title I ever purchased that never saw a US release, so I thought it would be a fitting game to begin the series with.  It was developed by Media.Vision, the development team behind the WILDly successful Wild ARMs series of games, and published by Sony.

Much like many other niche Japanese titles for the PlayStation family of consoles, Gunners Heaven did see a release in Europe, though its name was changed to Rapid Reload.  Anyway, this is a great rip-off homage to games like Gunstar Heroes, and is an essential title for any PS1 importer’s collection.

I think the series and my video-making skills have come a long way since this first episode (though not by much XD), but nonetheless, I hope you’ll check out the video and enjoy!

  • Jared Waldo

    I’m having a hard enough time going back to play some of the North American games I’ve loved over the years and some that I missed. And NOW I have you enticing me with imports!?

    Damn you.

    Well done.

  • Ha ha, thanks–there’s a ton more episodes I still need to post here, and a majority of them are PS1 games…and there’s also a ton more episodes I need to create…and most of those will also be PS1 games.

    I guess I’m a big fan of Japanese PS1 games! XD

    Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy those and damn me just as much.