Over the years, gamers have experienced many different male driven stories.  That being said, female heroines have been clawing their way onto the scene since the early 80s, and although they haven’t received their just due, (in my opinion) they have shown no signs of slowing their progression and growth in the gaming space.  From the early and simple innovations like Ms. Pac-Man, to Samus Aran of the Metroid franchise, the roster of female heroines continues to grow to this day.  Woman like Chun-Li (Street Fighter, 1991), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider, 1996), Jane Shepard (Mass Effect, 2007), and Faith (Mirror’s Edge, 2008) continue to pave the way and provide a platform for future heroines in gaming.

As woman become a bigger part of the gaming demographic so too is their gender taking on more prevalent roles in video games.  Last year with the release of inFAMOUS Second Son, players were introduced to Abigail “Fetch” Walker. This neon-powered conduit crosses paths with main protagonist Delson Rowe and (spoiler alert) eventually becomes the reason he also gains neon abilities.  Fetch, as she is commonly called throughout the game is a troubled character, suffering from events in her own past, but not so troubled that she becomes a damsel in distress.  Fetch is a complex female support character who establishes early on that she doesn’t need Delson by her side in order to be an integral part of the story.  For this very reason, inFAMOUS Second Son’s First Light DLC was created.

A dark past during dark times, be the First LIght as you take control of "Fetch" and take on the DUP

A dark past during dark times, be the First Light as you take control of Fetch.

Announced at the Sony E3 2014 conference, the First Light DLC will allow gamers to play as Fetch through her troubled past.  A past that reveals to the player Abigail Walker’s origins, how she came to be known as Fetch, and the events that took place before the main Second Son story. The First Light DLC will be a stand-alone expansion, meaning you won’t need a copy of inFAMOUS Second Son in order to play.  First Light is due for release sometime in August 2014.

Female lead protagonists tend to be few and far between, so I applaud Sucker Punch (the development studio behind inFAMOUS) for giving Ms.Walker the type of exposure she deserves.  Power to the females of gaming for continuing to give us distinct characters and greater depth to story telling, thus contributing more then just overly sexualized female support roles. Enjoy your power, ladies.


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  • Good article–I’d like to pick this game up, it sounds interesting, and I love games with female leads…but unfortunately, I don’t have a PS4!

    I’ve always been a fan of the heroines in pre-7th gen Final Fantasy games…Celes, Tifa, Agrias…and Suikoden I and II also have some well-developed female characters.

    Only a handful of Ganbare Goemon/Mystical Ninja games were released internationally, so she doesn’t get much attention, but Yae is an early example of a female character not sexualized or defined by her sex/gender/whatever. At times it seems she’s pretty much the only character in the series who can get anything done properly! XD