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Ubisoft’s The Crew is a racing MMORPG.

Ubisoft is getting ready to release their highly anticipated racer The Crew later this fall. The game drops you into a vast open world allowing you to drive from coast to coast across the US, through major cities such as Miami and New York, to the deep off-road countryside.

The Crew makes a real attempt at obtaining a crowd-pleasing scale of the United States, and since this game is a racing MMO, we’re going to need all the space we can get.  A true Ubisoft game, there is plenty to keep you busy as you travel from place to place such as racing mini games called Skill Challenges. These Skill Challenges, as the name implies, will challenge your skill on many racing-based fronts such as keeping a top speed for a set amount of time, or beating another player’s ghost in time trials.

Whether you have a destination or not, “having nothing to do” should never be a complaint while playing The Crew.

Gameplay of The Crew from E3

The Crew had a closed beta, but we made sure we had rebel access. Whether you played or watched the closed beta of The Crew, you got a really good sense of the scale that developers Ubisoft Reflections and Ivory Tower were going for. Driving from California to Florida takes about 20-25 minutes, and that’s if you don’t get distracted by detours or the actions of other players. You can also make use of the handy Fast Travel system in the game.

Before any serious driving is done in The Crew beta, players are introduced to lead character and protagonist Alex. This Fast and Furious tale starts off with Alex not only witnessing the death of his brother, but also being framed for it. Alex is then thrown in prison for 5 years before he is approached with a “Clean Slate” deal to go undercover.

The Crew Closed Beta


The Crew looks good and is still, since its announcement, a game I am excited to dig into. Being a fan of the Need for Speed and Burnout franchises, I think a game like The Crew stands a good chance to turn some heads. The story seems to be lacking character development, and at best looks to be nothing more than cut scenes used to distract you from the constant driving you’ll be doing. All that said, I can’t wait to tear up the Vegas Strip!

The Crew is due for release Nov 11th, 2014 on Ps4, Xbox One, and PC.




Battleborn is an upcoming MOBA from the makers of Borderlands…or is it?

From the creators of the action-RPG-FPS Borderlands, and published by 2K games, Battleborn was announced at E3 2014 and intrigued crowds with its stunning visuals. Word on the gaming street is that this title will play as a  first-person cooperative Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) shooter taking inspiration from games such as League of Legends, Borderlands (of course), and Smite.

Battleborn Trailer

When Gearbox was asked if Battleborn could justifiably be described as their MOBA, Design Director John Mulkey responded saying, “No, that’s weird.” He went on to acknowledge the fact that MOBA-like elements do exist in the game but they’d rather not be tied down by genre labels. During the interview with Gearbox, Creative Director Randy Varnell discussed Battle Born’s current “most-MOBA-esque” mode “Incursion,” where players are tasked with combating the opposing team while taking down shielded Spider Sentries instead of classic towers, as that would be too static for a first-person shooter.

If there is still some confusion as to what Battleborn is exactly, allow me to clear things up. President of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford describes Battleborn as the following…

“First Person Shooter, Hobby Grade Co-op Campaign, Genre Blended Multi-mode competitive E-Sports,” and finally, “Meta growth choice with epic Battle Born heroes,” whatever that means.

Gearbox Interview on Battleborn

So is Battleborn going to be a MOBA? Gearbox almost views the term as if it were cancer. With heavy focus on a Co-op multiplayer shooter, Battle Born looks to be a “stand out” title when it is released. Gearbox has already confirmed that the game will feature heavy RPG elements such as looting and character development, but no details on how this will exactly work. Gearbox was also asked about details on a planned campaign mode for Battleborn. Developers had little to say at the moment but did confirm that more news about Battleborn is on the way. Perhaps we’ll learn more at GamesCom?


Battleborn looks interesting for what it is, based on how little information we have about it. Taking inspiration from games like League of Legends, Dota, Borderlands, and Smite could definitely give this title an edge we haven’t seen before, but its cartoonish look, in my opinion, does this already horribly-named game no justice. I can’t exactly knock the game though, since it is Gearbox, and i loved Borderlands. Promising a plethora of heroes to choose from, and many different modes to play, I look forward to the next bit of Battleborn news we can get our hands on.

Battleborn is rumored to be slated for release sometime during the 2016 fiscal year (April 1,2015 – March 31,2016) and will land on Ps4, Xbox One, & PC.



Assassin’s Creed Unity will allow up to 3 other assassins to play co-op online.

It has been nearly 8 years since we started climbing walls and taking out Templars, and this fall Ubisoft will release its latest offering in the franchise, Assassin’s Creed Unity. Taking place during the height of the French Revolution, AC Unity puts you in control of French-Austrian assassin Arno Dorian, a native of Versailles, France. Little is known about Arno at this point other then the fact that he fights for justice and as the voice of the people.

Work on Assassin’s Creed Unity is said to have started shortly after 2010’s Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. This isn’t that hard to believe when you consider the amount of detail that has gone into Unity thus far. Bragging about their one-to-one scale version of Paris, Ubisoft is attempting to fully immerse players in their world. NPCs are described as having their own sense of true intelligence, allowing for new interactions that have yet to be seen in the AC universe. This is the revolution after all, and these NPC’s have more to talk about than random day-to-day gibberish.

Every AC Unity trailer in one video



AC Unity will allow more fluid movement for Storming the Bastille or infiltrating the guillotine.

Ever since the Assassin’s Creed franchise became annualized, hype about how each new installment has been met with a bit of bitterness from AC haters: “Ugh, another Assassin’s Creed? When are they going to stop?” Maybe when the franchise quits raking in millions of dollars every time a new Creed is released?

AC Unity is a complete technological upgrade from its predecessors. With new “Next-Gen” technology, the team over at Ubisoft has made it their mission to deliver a next-generation Assassin, more responsive, more agile, and more lethal then his ancestors. Upgraded control mechanics will allow for greater, more fluid movement when traversing the city streets & roof tops of Paris. Redefined fighting skills and a new stealth system along with advanced AI aim to really give Assassin’s Creed Unity a fresh and new feel.

AC Unity French Revolution story trailer

One key element to the new feel of Assassin’s Creed is the newly introduced, seamlessly blended single player co-op campaign. To expand the level of depth and help tackle the dangers afforded by this particular time period, players will now have the ability to team up and and take on Paris together should they choose to do so. Major details on how exactly the co-op aspects will work have yet to be released, but with being challenged by a daunting and violent world, you can bet having and coordinating with up to 3 fellow assassins will be a luxury in itself.


Assassin’s Creed is a great franchise that still has very strong legs under it. I wasn’t shocked to hear of its existence back in March and I’m excited to get my hands on it this fall. Beautiful visuals and a new movement system are great additions to the game.  Combine them with the new co-op features and I’d say we have an Assassin’s Creed game we haven’t played before and have been dying to see.

AC Unity was announced along side the mention of a “Last-Gen” exclusive, Assassin’s Creed Comet, though, nothing has really surfaced about this Ps3 and Xbox 360 exclusive. More information about AC Comet is to be shared sometime between late July – August of this year.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is due for release October 28th, 2014 on Ps4, Xbox One, and PC.

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