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Aggro Sky

Aggro Sky is the editor-in-chief and founder of Gaming Rebellion. He has been gaming since the tender age of 4 when he was given an Atari 2600 by his Uncle Doug. Aggro dabbles in both modern and classic games equally and likes to examine both sides of every coin. He also loves the outdoors, scuba diving, aquariums and the occasional Bonsai Tree project. You can follow him on Twitter @zfunk007 and friend him on his Facebook Page.

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  • Media Breakdown

    Damn…where have you all been all of my life? Lol! :)

  • Joshua Caleb

    We also rebel against PC Master Race vs Consoles, “Casual” vs “hardcore”, handheld vs mobile gaming etc. :)

  • Thanks Media Breakdown! We are trying to do something different and hopefully unique and we really appreciate you commenting! :)

  • Media Breakdown

    Wow…with a first name like Aggro, who would of thought you’d be so friendly? (I tease of course.) Seriously though Aggro Sky; thank you. I can tell you and everyone else have put a lot of hard work into this.

  • Haha Thanks Media Breakdown! I use the name Aggro because I’m a metal head. I’m nice though :). And thank you so much for your support!