Hello World! I’d like to talk about a group of games that are often overlooked: video games based on a pre-existing license (whether it’s a cartoon, movie, comic book, or anything else). Licensed video games rarely get discussed, and when they do get discussed it’s usually about how bad the games are. Most are written off as poorly made, quick cash-ins before they can even be played. They are destined to be clearance games within weeks of their release, and become forgotten shortly after. I think that’s a shame because there are some really good games based on great franchises, and people are missing out. While some of these games might have failed a quality assurance test, a lot of them are the embodiment of the reason I play video games. Do they further the argument that video games are a useful medium for storytelling? No. But they answer burning questions in my head like: “I wonder who would win a fight between Goku and Bardock?” “How good would I be at web-slinging my way through New York City?” “Which household object would I use to wipe that smug smile off Jerry’s face?”

Check out the video above to see why you should play Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider (also known as Sheep Dog ‘N’ Wolf).

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Aaron Alcorn

Aaron is a gaming machine that digs through shelves of well-known classics as well as clearance bins full of mediocre games to find the buried treasure. He reveals licensed games to be more than rushed movie tie-ins, wipes the dust off of forgotten gems, and finds new games to enjoy and share.

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  • Hey, welcome to the site, and I really enjoyed the video! Really well-edited, and I loved the skits/props…did you make those props yourself? If so, very well done! ;)

    I’ve heard before that this game is quite good, actually, and after seeing this vid, I really would like to pick it up sometime…action puzzle games are an under-appreciated lot.

    I I might suggest something for your next video, it would be to speak a little more enthusiastically in your voice over…maybe it’s just your normal way of speaking, and I can tell you have a passion for the subject matter, but if you added a little more “pep” to your voice bits, I think it would really add to the quality of the video.

  • Thanks, Jimmy! I actually did make all of the props myself (90% is brown construction paper), but I used some photo-manipulation on some things.

    I agree, and when a lot of games include puzzle elements they’re way too easy to solve.

    I have been trying to add more inflection to my voice, and I will try to add more in the future. Thanks for the feedback :]