Earth Defense Force 2017 became an instant sleeper hit when it made its American debut for the Xbox 360 in 2007.  Its simple action arcade gameplay, massive scale, and unapologetic cheesiness was a breath of fresh air in a gaming market that seemed so hung up on making realistic graphics and Hollywood-style cinematics the norm.

While EDF 2017 was the first taste most gamers in North America had of the franchise, Japanese gamers had already enjoyed several previous entries in the series on the PlayStation 2, where EDF started as and remained a part of D3 Publisher’s popular “Simple Series” line of budget titles.  The prequel to 2017, called Chikyuu Boueigun 2, or Earth Defense Force 2, was a bigger and arguably better game than its next-gen sequel, boasting more enemies, weapons, stages, characters, and gameplay.

I love action games, especially dumb action games like Earth Defense Force 2, so that’s why I decided to make a video on this particular title.  This is the least well-received and popular of all of my Import Gaming FTW! episodes, and I feel a lot of my edits were too quick for the viewer to process everything being said and happening on-screen…so you have been warned!  But anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the video and learn something about a nearly perfect dumb action game.

On a side note for those who watch the video: I don’t think that Paul Verhoeven movies are dumb–they’re quite brilliant with their themes and satire.  But you know they didn’t fill up the seats in theaters because of their messages! XD

  • Jared Waldo

    This game looks quite interesting. I’m usually not a ‘frame rate’ complainer, and I know you said it’s not too bad, but in an action game like that it looks as if it would be quite bothersome at times.

    Still, it’s an interesting enough looking game. (if that makes sense) Looks like Starship Troopers on earth, kind of.

    Well done.

  • Pretty cool review. I’ll have to see if I can find that game on the 360.

  • @Jared
    Thanks–to be honest, I think the dip in the frame rate will save you in this game more often than not, kind of like many shmups, though the drop here is unintentional. ;)

    Thanks to you too–and if you do go shopping for EDF games on 360, I’d say go for EDF 2025, which is the latest game that came out in the series and is put out by the same team that created the series and this game. It’s supposed to be hectic, glorious, dumb action at its best!