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Imagine that you are walking in a dungeon, with low health and suddenly you see a chest in a corner.  You approach it thinking that you might find a potion or a weapon, but once you open it you find that the chest is actually a monster and you have to fight this enemy that probably kills your entire party.  If this never happened to you I can assume that you are not a regular RPG gamer.

mimic chest

“Oh, a treasure chest!  Let’s open it, wait, a monster?  Should be easy to kill, right?”

Let’s talk about what a Mimic Chest is.  The Mimic Chest is actually a monster that looks like a regular chest or item in the game you’re playing, but once you approach or try open it, this monster will reveal its true form and a battle will begin.

What makes this monster more annoying is that in many RPGs, monsters usually never appear outside the battle. Except for this little bastard, (and some bosses) who was created to teach you to never let your guard down, even if it seems that you are going to get lucky.


 The many forms of the mimic chest.

This monster appears in the most well-known RPG franchise, Dragon Quest, as Mimic, Trap Box or Carnnibox.


Basic Gaming Logic: change skin color and you have a different enemy.

Usually the Dragon Quest design of a mimic doesn’t change much.  However, mimics also appear in Final Fantasy and have various designs throughout the games. For example, in Final Fantasy XII, they resemble machines more than a demon in a chest.


This is not my kind of Transformer.

Mimics appear in the Pokemon series as Voltorb and Foongus, both of which resemble poke balls.


If you think about it, Pokemon is just like other Japanese RPGs.

Not only in the Japanese RPGs are these monsters a pain in the butt, (sometimes literally) but they also appear in beat-em-ups like King of Dragons (and other similar games based on Dungeon and Dragons).

the king of the dragon

Video Game Logic: when something bites your butt, you have to shake your booty to get it off.

Platformers like Megaman and Bass aren’t exempt from mimics either, as you can find them in the “Ground Man” and “Pirate Man” levels.

megaman and bass

Bad Touch!

Mimics also appear in the Legends franchise, which makes sense, considering that the plot of those games is about treasure hunting.

Puzzle games?  Check!

colums 3

 Even Columns 3 has a mimic!

And yes, even the mighty Minecraft has mimics as well!


Better craft some weapons quick!

If you want to talk about modern video games, look no further than Dark Souls.


 Yes, even Dark Souls is tainted with this beast.

These monsters are not like slimes, which are cute and easy to kill. These monsters are annoying, ugly, and a real pain because you can’t always escape from the battles in the RPG examples. They also tend to be overpowered in some of the more hardcore RPGs.

Consider Dark Force from Phantasy Star 2:

dark matter

Yeah, the hardest enemy in the game is inside a chest.

I won’t lie, I hate these enemies.

Thank God that the closest thing in real life to these monsters are just some grenades tied to the lock of a chest (although even that would be scary), or even the snakes in the nut jar, but to me these are more like traps than monsters.



If you want a little history, Mimics were first introduced in Dungeons & Dragons with one reason only: to annoy the player.


Mimic Punch!

Since 1977 we have had to deal with these monsters, and I’m pretty sure that in future games we will still have to continue to deal with them. Just remember, if a video game has some annoyances like the mimic, it will be that much sweeter when you beat the game.


Nothing says better that greed is a mortal sin than a Mimic Chest.

  • Jimmy Hapa

    Awesome. I’ve always kind of brushed Mimics as mild annoyances and never gave them much thought, but I’ll never forget that encounter with the Mimic in Sen’s Fortress in Dark Souls…scared the crap out of me, and the consequences were truly shocking. Needless to say, from that point on, every chest got a slash or whack before I opened them!

  • Jessica Ross

    Oh man, Mimics were the bane of my existence in Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2. Running into one was a gamechanger for sure!