It took me a long time to get this episode out because this game literally broke me, I didn’t play games for a couple of weeks after completing it. Are there faster, harder shooters out there? Absolutely, almost every generation after 8-bit improved the speed and quality, as well as challenge, in most scrolling shooters. However, there is just something about these early console offerings that just get under your skin. Adventures of DinoRiki is one of those games. Maybe it’s because of the unassuming box art (I NEVER got to kick a T-rex in the face by the way, FALSE ADVERTISING). Maybe it’s the cakewalk first stage, but somewhere along the way while one plays ADR, faces start tensing up, hands start sweating, and several hours in and one stage later it becomes clear, “Something is very wrong here”

Is this, or is this not, a game with a chibi-caveman and cartoon dinosaurs?  If this was an early Walt Disney short everything, even inanimate objects, would have cheery smiley faces and whistle along with Riki as he skips through the forest. that’s how “cutesy” and childlike this game presents itself. I’m here to tell you though; Brother, this ain’t no kids’ game.



  • One of my favorite YouTubers…nepotism is a beautiful thing.

    Seriously, though, I’m so glad you gave video-making and Test Your Might! another shot (despite my numerous hashtag cancellation campaigns), and I know you’ll only get better and better and shoot up the ranks…BRO.

  • Oh, THANK YOU Hapa-Senpai, Your powers are so amazing you pulled strings before you even knew I posted….or did you…I think he has my apartment bugged… No, not the head band!… AHHHHH…if anyone is reading this hel……….

  • No, not bugs…I utilized my gang of headband wearing ninjas, of course! Some of them have even died their garb to match the funky designs of your vintage wallpaper.

  • Hahaha great video! There is a part of me that wants to play DinoRiki now… Though I’ll admit that I do like a lot of the enemy graphics.

  • Thank You! The horny Japanese grandpas are my personal favorite.