Enix is probably most well known for being an “RPG company,” since they are the creators of what is arguably the quintessential Japanese RPG series, Dragon Quest.  During the 16-bit era, however, that series remained Japan-only, and many gamers in the West missed out on the DQ sensation…well, we had Dairy Queen, another DQ sensation, if that’s any consolation…ah, distracted by delicious ice cream, gotta get back on track!

ANYWAY, for most gamers outside of Japan, mentioning Enix and the Super Nintendo usually recalls memories of one of two games–Act Raiser and Illusion of Gaia.  However, in its native country of Japan, Enix is a POWERHOUSE company and much more than a game publisher.  It not only published a ton of games on the SNES during the 90s, but also has holdings in other industries completely unrelated to gaming.

One of the results of Enix’s properties crossing over into their gaming sector was the Super Famicom title Violinist of Hameln, a colorful, musically-themed, 2D side-scroller released in 1995 that was based on one of the company’s manga series that was popular at the time.  It’s not very well known outside of Japan, unfortunately, and in my opinion, is one of the true hidden gems for the system…and the good news is that it won’t cost you too much to get in on the Violin-playing action!

  • Rizzard Core

    Wow, what a unique game! It looks like it has some flaws like you mentioned, but something like this seems to have tons of potential. And yes, the music is great, I found myself struggling to pay attention to your voice as I was enjoying so many classical favorites! lol Thanks for sharing, dude.

  • Arcade Android

    The gameplay looks interesting, and the music is so relaxing. But man, that is some literal objectification! Poor Flute. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it though, and snag it if the price is right.

  • Lumpz the Clown

    Looks pretty damn cool…and DAT MUSIC! :-) Good show, my man!

  • Jimmy Hapa

    Thanks guys, and I’m glad you enjoyed the music aspect. In retrospect, I probably should have played up that component even more!

    I’m tempted to go out and pick up the soundtrack for the Violinist of Hameln anime series at my local used media store…it’s five bucks, and it’s a collection of classical music not unlike the soundtrack in the game…but fully orchestrated.

  • Retro-Inactive

    As always. Awesome video Jimmy. Regarding your coverage of the music. I think it was perfect. You had the music going throughout the video and when you touched on the subject I already thought “wow that’s gotta be the in game music” when I first heard it. So I don’t think further exposition is necessary at all. Great video buddy