After being disappointed with Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, I was looking for a decent game based on the Monkey King/Journey to the West story.  In this episode, The Janitor stops by to tell me about two Monkey King games he played: The Monkey King: The Legend Begins and Saint for the Wii.  As I play and review the games, The Janitor uncovers a deceitful marketing tactic used by the developer/publisher duo!

Click the video below to watch, and remember to always put your game disc back in its case!

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Aaron Alcorn

Aaron is a gaming machine that digs through shelves of well-known classics as well as clearance bins full of mediocre games to find the buried treasure. He reveals licensed games to be more than rushed movie tie-ins, wipes the dust off of forgotten gems, and finds new games to enjoy and share.

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