In this episode, Vincent will discuss the two major games that inspired him to go on a quest to completely collect the entire library of Game Boy games. Here’s “My First Game Boy Games”!


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Massive DMG

Massive DMG is an intimate little show, where you'll be taken for a ride through the entire Game Boy library by Vincent: Game Boy collector extraordinaire! His goal is to one day own all the games out there on the Game Boy, and to share his passion with the rest of the world. He'll be telling you all about the games in his collection during the run of this series. The intricacies of the artwork, the manual, etc. It's a proper Collector's Guide in the wonderful world of tiny cartridges!

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  • Rizzard Core

    Thanks for sharing! Super Mario Land was a pack in for GameBoy in Europe? We had Tetris here in the states. It’s funny that you thought Solomon’s Key was a Zelda game! I can see why due to the box art…it looked much different on the NES but was basically the same game…a great puzzle game, too….Thanks for sharing!

  • Jimmy Hapa

    Great video, I enjoyed your bits of reminiscing with the information you gave. I’ve never played Solomon’s Club, but it looks like just the kind of game I’d be into, so I’ll try to pick it up sometime.

    Love that Game Boy Printer ending. ;)
    I still have my GB Camera with old data intact, but the printer has eluded me for years.

  • Massive DMG

    Thanks you all! Now you’ve got me doubting about it if mine was an actual pack-in game or not. I believe so, or they could’ve bought the GameBoy separately with the two games… I know there are packs out there with SML in it though. Of course those boxes have been long gone for me to check. Really appreciate the feedback!

  • I got Super Mario Land with my Gameboy as well. :)