In a video game, enemies can be seen in all sizes, colors, and genders. Today’s topic is about the feminine side of villainy. Bring on the girls!



No one knows why, but many men have a weak spot for Bad Girls (I personally prefer Bat Girls, but that’s just my opinion).

 What exactly is a Whip Girl?

When you think about a bad girl, typically three things come to mind:  black leather, long boots, and whips.

Ah, whips: an 80s standard for bad girls that is still relevant, even if Devo is not.

Whip girls are simply girls armed with a whip (are you writing this down?). When a problem comes along,  they must whip it, and whip it good.  These are the classic enemies you’ll find in most of the beat ’em ups since Double Dragon (never forget the golden age of the beat ’em up).


Oh Linda, why must you be so bad?

I’ll never understand why they choose a whip as primary weapon considering that it’s one of the most useless weapons in any kind of situation, but I can understand why a girl would join a gang. She can take advantage of other men and use her sexuality to help the gang, which we’ve seen before in many spy movies, plus they can also hide weapons on their cleavage.


Just ask Mai Shiranui where she has been hiding her fans all these years.

Furthermore, bad girls who fight have the advantage that some people don’t take women seriously because they are misogynistic, and many just don’t feel comfortable about fighting against a woman.



Not fighting back may cost you your life some times.

But these aren’t the only reasons why these girls are one of the most badass low-level enemies you’ll find in a game.  There are two reasons in particular which make these whip-wielding women so wonderful.



Not for these two reasons, you perv.

One: the whip gives them a good range of attack.  Also, since some genius thought it would be a great idea to make whips capable of generating electrical shocks, this weapon is a potentially serious threat.

In most of these games, the girls take their whip with them even if they are defeated, and you still have to fight all the other enemies bare-handed.


At least in Double Dragon you can steal the whip if you are lucky enough.

Two: they fight dirty. These girls won’t hesitate to use any kind of cheap trick. They may surrender, but they won’t give themselves away.


“They just seem a little weird…” Okay, I’ll stop now.

These skills are something that many of these girls have in common, and here are some examples of  femme fatales whose weapon of choice is the whip besides Linda Lash from Double Dragon:

Electra from Street of Rage 2 and the rest of the whip ladies in the franchise–  the sexiest boss in the game.

Electra, Streets of Rage 2


Conchita and all the other whip ladies from God Hand – a game that’s so great it makes me feel like I’m playing old school arcade games, Conchita is one of the three evil stooges and according to their behavior, she seems to be the Moe of the team.


Conchita, God Hand

 Whip from the King of Fighters franchise – probably the girl with the most obvious name after Azul from Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus.  They also call her, Muchiko which means “Whip Girl” or “Whippy” in Japanese.



Whip, King of Fighters

Ivy from the Soul Calibur franchise –  the most popular GILF in the game industry, she uses a Whip Sword – a whip with blades that forms a large sword when retracted in order to destroy the Soul Edge and fight against everyone who tries to use it.


 Ivy, Soul Calibur

Morrigan from Darkstalkers and Marvel Vs. Capcom – she may not wield a whip in the fight, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like to use it, as we see here in her controversial win pose.  Seriously, they should make more Darkstalkers games, they were awesome.


Morrigan, Darkstalkers; Marvel Vs. Capcom


Franziska Von Karma from the Phoenix Wright franchise – an arrogant megalomaniac and cold prosecutor that will try to find your client guilty at all costs. She is the last woman in the world I would like to try to flirt with.  Also, how the hell did she enter a court carrying a whip?


Franziska Von Karm, Phoenix Wright

Jessica Albert from Dragon Quest VIII – a magic apprentice who was once an aristocrat that became a great wizard and warrior in order to avenge her brother and save the world.  Spoilers: at some point she is possessed by the main villain of the game and becomes a boss, making her perfectly suited for our list. dq8-jessica-albert

Jessica Albert, Dragon Quest VIII


Sabrina from Pokemon franchise, the gym leader from Saffron city, and a whip wielder according to her original design in Generation I. She was the most annoying Gym Leader because of how powerful the psychic-type was back then.


 Sabrina, Pokemon

Whip girls aren’t the most cliché enemies, but some of them were (and still are) fairly controversial in video game culture.

During the late 80s and early 90s, video game companies tried to exploit the phenomenon of arcades in a multitude of ways, and were very successful at doing so most of the time (unlike the Atari era where quality control was rushed or skipped to get games out quickly).

These were times when video game heroes could be female, arguably starting the feminine revolution of video games.


Lara gets better and better looking each iteration, and she’s still as badass as ever.


Females were taking the lead in video games. They were more than just damsels in distress; they were not only heroes but also villains (and they were really sexy if I may say so). And I’ll be honest with you, I was never a big fan of Princess Peach, especially once I saw this girl:

chun li

I was told I couldn’t upload the shower scene.

Let’s not forget the trend at the time of the dystopian future (Mad Max 2, Total Recall, Robocop,etc.) with a lot of violence in the streets surrounded by gangs, drugs, and things like that. The developers seemed to take advantage of these elements and make essentially any beat ’em up about despotic places where the gangs take control of cities and kidnap people. The violence is everywhere and villains are myriad.


You can find the same formula in pretty much any other beat ’em up.

In a future like this, an honest job is not very safe and the police are pretty much useless.  Gangs offer money, protection, advancement, power, perks, vacations, and 401k, so I can’t blame these good girls for going bad and trying to kill me.

A typical dystopian gang consists of regular minions, the fat guy, the giant muscular guy, the martial artist, and the femme fatale (this actually sounds like the cast of a remake of “Little Giants” or some cliche movie about sport teams), and for me, the first Femme Fatal that I faced was Linda from the Double Dragon Franchise.


Unfortunately, she didn’t look like this back then.

That’s why these girls have such a special place in my heart, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.


I like them, but that doesn’t mean that I like to play rough.