Riley struggles to find the perfect answer, let alone comprehend what the hell “female” means.

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What’s the Funniest Thing You Ever Saw?

If you have any gaming related questions for Riley, you can ask them on twitter @retroinactive, post a comment here, or on the youtube page. Video questions are encouraged.

Thank you.

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Broke gamerdad, playing the old games because all my gaming budget is going to Pampers and Barney DVDs. Love retrogames and playing PS2 for the first time in 2013. I make review videos with my cute hyper daughter. I try to exposit sound critique while she derails my train of thought with her cuteness. We also review kids games and talk about if they are good for your kids.

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  • coiledrose

    Adorable. Simply Adorable.

  • coiledrose

    Where do I get to ask Riley questions?!

  • Right here in the comments if you want. Or tweet the question to @retroinactive :)

  • Rizzard Core

    You can Ask Riley your questions here or on the twitter GamingRebellion account, coiledrose!

  • Thank you coiledrose. Feel free to hit me up here or on Twitter and/or the youtube comment page. I get notifications on Twitter and YT. We are filming new episodes this week so get your question in for October! Any question not only what Riley likes but also technical questions, walk through advice, what to buy, her picks of game of the year, anything. The more varied the better.

    and feel free to ask multiple questions. we’re just starting out so you could be featured twice. Lastly feel free to let me know what you’re up to and I can promote you in the video =)

    Thanks again.