To continue with tradition, I'm reviewing another Halloween Buried Treasure. This time, it's a licensed game:  The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror.  ONLY FOR the Game Boy Color!
If you're a Simpsons fan you will instantly recognize the subtitle “Treehouse of Horror” as it is the name of the yearly Halloween Special.  In the show, the Treehouse of Horror episodes are anthologies.  Instead of full length episodes, there are a few short tales of horror, usually a parody of a scary movie or spooky novel.  I was once a dedicated Simpsons fan and to this day those episodes are still my favorites.  Well, it seems I wasn't alone because Software Creations decided to stray from the semi-successful trend of making Simpsons games that are actually Bart Simpson games, and based this game on those Halloween Specials!

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Aaron Alcorn

Aaron is a gaming machine that digs through shelves of well-known classics as well as clearance bins full of mediocre games to find the buried treasure. He reveals licensed games to be more than rushed movie tie-ins, wipes the dust off of forgotten gems, and finds new games to enjoy and share.

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