Still a new show, this is only the second episode!  Come join me, Andrew, to the Island of Dr. Brain on Retro Island Gaming.  We’re literally going there!  This is an MSDOS game by Sierra Online in 1992.  We’re going to explore the island together armed with only a booklet given to us from Dr. Brain.  We gotta help the doctor out and to do this, we’ll be checking out various puzzles requiring us to use math, science, language and the arts to solve!  Let’s go!

Thanks to Aggro Sky for introducing me to this website from his twitter account zfunk007!

  • Arcade Android

    Nice review, Andrew! I like how you put yourself into the perspective of the game’s main character. Also, Tetris never gets old or repitive :]

  • I LOVE that Drakkhen was on the wall behind you :). That is one of my favorite RPG’s of all time. Although I played it on the SNES.

    Also, great video! Very unique and a totally obscure choice! I am also a HUGE Ultima fan so I obviously loved your Ultima death montage with the Streets of Rage voices :). Your a guy after my own heart, great video!

  • Zasko

    Thanks for watching and leaving comments, guys! I’m very honored for you two to take the time to do both.

    Drakkhen is awesome, but it sure has its haters! I’m with you, I much prefer the SNES version. Still can’t beat that box cover though! Every time I load up the SNES one, I sit in awe of the intro pic and music. Epic!

    Ultima ranks up there with the best of the best. You’re the only person to have mentioned it too. I used to lose track of time in Britannia constantly. Hell, I still do. Plus that’s cool you noticed the Streets of Rage voices! Freaking love that game. One of the few games I can beat. I secretly suck at video games don’t tell anyone ;)

  • Rizzard Core

    11:09 n=42

    Great vid, this must have taken forever to put together.

  • Jessica Ross

    Great video – I love your enthusiasm at the beginning haha. I really miss Sierra, too. I remember playing their games as a kid; they did a great job creating games that developed learning skills but were also entertaining and fun.

  • Zasko

    Yes, the answer is 42! I’m not much of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan, but I threw that in there for anyone who is. Actually, there are a ton of references in this video like the song on the piano. One of these days I’ll have to explain everything, unless I forget them by then. :D

    Glad you guys liked it! I had a horrible ingrown hair where my mustache would be and it drove me nuts, but the show had to go on. Sierra was so awesome. Even though they are now gone, they still left a solid legacy behind for us to play.

  • Rizzard Core

    I was just solving the problem, I didn’t even get the 42 joke til just now; very well-done! Sierra was a gem of a company…I sure hope Activision does them justice.