Sometimes we go through seasons of gaming dryness. Consoles break, the power goes out, parents ground you, or you spend your early 20’s nomadically moving from place to place without a console and miss out on the entire Playstation 2 library. True story bro.

Riley offers her insights of non-gaming things you can do to help you through these dark times.

Thank you to my long time Youtube subscriber @MetroidLover9 for the fun question! You’ve been an amazing supporter of my channel from the start and I appreciate you so much.

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Broke gamerdad, playing the old games because all my gaming budget is going to Pampers and Barney DVDs. Love retrogames and playing PS2 for the first time in 2013. I make review videos with my cute hyper daughter. I try to exposit sound critique while she derails my train of thought with her cuteness. We also review kids games and talk about if they are good for your kids.

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