What a question! I try, as a general rule, not to entertain and take part in controversy. So being asked what Gamergate is, had me thinking; “Do I want to put my kids in the firing lines of this volatile situation?”

HELL YES I DO!! What could possible go wrong?

Disclaimer: Riley’s answer was not coached and though we know that there are some real issues involved with Gamergate, it’s usually my policy to steer clear from controversy and to bring levity to situations. So before any of you take up arms with your Fire Flowers, Mega Busters, BFGs or Dual Wielded Desert Eagles, just know that this is all in good fun.

With that, I hope you all enjoy Riley’s answer.

Thank you to David Ngo, of Logheart Games, for submitting our first video question!

Loqheart is an indie development team currently working on a very fun and vibrant looking game called Wizards of Prestige.

Check out their games and follow Loqheart on twitter. He’s a super cool guy!

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