Since this is the first article in the series (WHOOP!), I will explain the run down. Each CROSS/OVER! article will give a brief history on two games or characters and then mash them together to make the ultimate fan favorite game. We will talk about both mechanics and story content, plus how certain characters may react to each other. It’s going to be a blast, so without further delay, here is the first installment of CROSS/OVER!:




Master Chief / Halo

Master Chief / Halo


Master Chief from the Halo franchise needs little introduction. He’s Master Chief! For those that might live under a rock, this super soldier has been saving the galaxy ever since the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved (FPS) on the original Xbox. The faceless cybernetic hero that is Master Chief, or John-117 which is his real name, has appeared in everything from games, to novels, to movies. Though there have been installments without him, Master Chief is definitely the face of the Halo franchise. Also, the FPS elements the Halo games set have become standards in the genre as we know it.


Mass Effect


Mass Effect/Commander Shepherd and Crew


The Mass Effect (RPG, 3rd-Person Shooter) series has been around since the first one was released on Xbox 360. Though there is quite an impressive expanded universe within the franchise, the trilogy’s story revolved around Commander Shepard, a player-created hero. More importantly, it is the game’s RPG element of making choices that seemed to have far more impact. Mass Effect‘s universe is filled with well thought out side characters, and your decisions affected how your crew mates would think about you and respond later. There was great balance shown by the developers, as you can almost never please everyone; sometimes with lethal consequences.



CROSS/OVER! : Halo / Mass Effect

CROSS/OVER! : Halo / Mass Effect


The Halo Effect


This game would drop Master Chief right into the heart of the Mass Effect universe. Set after the Mass Effect trilogy, while the galaxy is still recovering from Reaper attacks, Master Chief (and Cortana) get transported from their universe to Mass Effect‘s via a giant wormhole. Shortly after the trip, Master Chief’s ship is intercepted by some unknown assailants, and crashes into a nearby planet where he runs into some familiar faces. Master Chief learns that there is a new threat to the galaxy, and with Commander Shepard gone, it is up to him to save the day and find a way home!


Master Chief and Cortana interacting with newly found allies.

Master Chief and Cortana interacting with newly found allies.


Story Content

The story would slowly reveal that there is a new, mysterious evil lurking in the galaxy. Settlements and science stations all over are being raided for supplies and technology. Researchers are being taken against their will to a secret installation somewhere in the galaxy. After a confrontation on a small desert planet, Cortana is able to pick up traces of this evil. Wait! Can it be?! The source of evil seems to have the same signatures as another Spartan!

However, instead of focusing on actual plot, there is more to be intrigued by when you will now be able to give Master Chief a voice and mind-set. Master Chief is notorious for, well, not having much to say. Throughout the Halo franchise, Master Chief was more about kicking butts and taking names then he was about talking to anybody. In this game though, he is thrust into a world where the player will be able to make choices on how Master Chief carries himself. Will he choose to care about his crew while saving the galaxy, or simply use people to find a way home? The choice will be up to you…


Master Chief jumping into action!

Master Chief jumping into action!


Game Mechanics

The focus of this title would be to meld the two game models together. When interacting with members of your crew or when in town on a new planet, Master Chief would be projected into 3rd-person camera views; a first for him (minus vehicle views). However, upon entering the battlement, you would then be projected into 1st-person for all the action; a first for Mass Effect. Bungie’s Destiny seems to do this pretty well, so use that as the basic gameplay idea.

Master Chief would start with some standard weapons from his UNSC arsenal, but would slowly be introduced to both new and old fan favorites from the Mass Effect series. Throughout the story, the piloting of several vehicles for specific missions would also come into play from land, to sea, to space.

Master Chief would also be introduced to RPG elements that he has never seen before. The player would be able to level up Master Chief’s abilities and weapons as they see fit, so the game adjusts to their play-style. Also, as stated before, Master Chief’s choices in dialogue would ultimately decide what shapes the outcome of the story arc.

In short, the game should have all the FPS action that fans have come to love from the Halo series, and all the great RPG elements and story telling that have captured the hearts of Mass Effect lovers.


These are just one man’s wishes, but what do you guys think? What would you guys have to see in a Halo/Mass Effect cross-over? Let us know in the comments below!

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