Welcome to episode 1 of Back in My Day A-Z! In this series, I introduce NES titles to my children, Riley and Giovanni, to show them just how great things were back in my day.

With many of the titles we’ll be playing, I was Riley’s age when I first played them. So I think this is a great time to introduce my kiddos to the classic, the punishing, and the thrilling library of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Our first game is 1943, by Capcom. This is a great port of the arcade hit that added a lot of depth to the previous 1942.

Will Riley and Giovanni, kids that have their own tablets, love it or will they stick with their Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja?

  • Rizzard Core

    Adventures of Lolo!

  • Retro-InactiveGamer

    I thought about that one. Decided against it since it’s puzzles and enemies can be extremely difficult and unforgiving. I did Adventures In The Magic Kingdom, because…you know…that one is SO easy, right? At least it had Mickey Mouse