Welcome to Episode 4 of Back in My Day A-Z! In this series, I introduce NES titles to my children, Riley and Giovanni, to show them just how great things were back in my day.

We continued with the amazing selection of “B” titled NES games.

Balloon Fight, which I was surprised to learn was first an arcade game. This game is brilliant in that it’s both cooperative and competitive in its multiplayer at the same time which made for some really fun moments. The second game was the pretty lame NES port of Bad Dudes, especially for the fact that multiplayer was turn based. Were we Bad enough Dudes to save the president? Watch to find out.

Thank you for watching! Leave a comment below if you’d like us to play any NES titles that were a favorite back in your day.

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Broke gamerdad, playing the old games because all my gaming budget is going to Pampers and Barney DVDs. Love retrogames and playing PS2 for the first time in 2013. I make review videos with my cute hyper daughter. I try to exposit sound critique while she derails my train of thought with her cuteness. We also review kids games and talk about if they are good for your kids.

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