It was a slow week for Nintendo news. Well, outside of more amiibo drama, but we don’t want to hear any more of that, now, do we? Anyway, last week I wrote about a theory on Nintendo’s next console. Since the “Fusion” rumors from earlier last year, I hadn’t paid much attention to the talk about Nintendo scrapping the Wii U and moving to a new home console. However, a colleague of mine sent me the link to a theory video; she told me to check it out, and that it was quite interesting. And you know what? I did find it interesting. At least, interesting enough to write about it.

Created by the Wulff Den, the video outlines a theory on a possible hybrid system Nintendo could be working on, and that the system could be coming sooner than later. Have a watch before I discuss what I find interesting and what I disagree with in the video.