Japanese culture is often seen as strange by the rest of the world…Japanese commercials, Japanese animation, Japanese music, Japanese-you-name-it.  A simple search on YouTube for videos related to Japan is pretty much proof of this sentiment.  Since the history of modern gaming is such a large product of Japan and Japanese culture, it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of games that a majority of people’s first reaction would simply be “WTF.”  But can any of these weird games flip that “WTF” into a “FTW” and actually prove to be solid, substantial gaming experiences?  I certainly believe they can.

In the Western world, we’ve received our fair share of oddball titles from Japan.  You’ve conquered the underground hip-hop scene in PaRappa the Rapper for the PS1, you’ve made a life-long friend in Seaman for the Dreamcast, and the Katamari Damacy series has rolled its way into your heart.  But are you ready for the next level in Japanese weird?  Enter PuLiRuLa.