Who doesn’t like a good run-and-gun action game?  Classic action games like Contra and Commando really know how to make a gamer feel like a REAL MAN and TOTAL BADASS!  But then there are other run-and-guns that bring out the feminine sides of gamers, even going so far as to make you feel like a magical princess from a faraway land.  Enter Atlus and Sega’s 1996 arcade shooter Purikura Daisakusen, a parody of the magical girl genre of Japanese animation and spin-off of the popular and humorous fighting game series, Gouketsuji Ichizoku, known as Power Instinct abroad.

Here I take a look at the coveted Saturn port of the game, and explore my own inner magical girl.  It takes a real man to do that…don’t believe me?  Maybe after watching the video, you’ll change your mind.