Wally adds another new series under the ‘Temple of Retro’ umbrella!

‘H2’ is a new video series focusing on handheld gaming over the years, complete with short reviews, personal impressions, and general commentary of games that Wally has never had the opportunity to play, or is revisiting because of the greatness that lies within!

The first episode is a quick review of ‘Amazing Tater’, a puzzle game released for the Game Boy. Check this episode out, and other videos and musings on my channel, and stay tuned for more episodes of H2 coming exclusively to www.GamingRebellion.com!

Leave me your feedback! Let me know what your thoughts are!

About The Author

Jared Waldo

A lover of cartoons and video games, Jared Waldo (@wallywallcakes) contributes in both written and video form to a variety of topics. A gamer of both eras (retro and modern), "Wally" balances life as a father and a gamer, while enjoying old favorites with today's latest releases.

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