About The Author

Tom Badguy

I'm not a professional in any sense(except at my boring day job). I used to run my own website, but I have joined forces with Versus The World Productions where I write editorials Talking About my thoughts on anything geeky. I don't really have any specific format, it's whatever comes to mind. I also review games or anything I feel the desire to. Tending to ignore the traditional format of writing a review by casting out any type of scoring system or structural breakdown, I try to write as if I was actually having a conversation with a person or one of my friends. I'm uncensored...so, you've been warned? I also love talking about the subjects I write about whether you agree with me or not, so don't feel shy and let me know what you think. Check out my podcast, Tales of Relevant Thought, every Sunday night at 7pm EST on http://www.vtwproductions.com and follow me on Twitter: @Tom_Badguy

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