I have never done one of these before, I also normally don’t release 2 videos in one day, and while I did like the game footage of the Mortal Kombat X trailer, I wasn’t a fan of the music. So I thought I would make my own fan made trailer. I was originally going to release this tomorrow, but I think I will release it right now, because I myself am really happy with how it turned out. I was up really early this morning, and the idea just popped into my mind, so I thought what the hell, I am going to make my own trailer. So here is my fan made trailer, using the song “Grinding Teeth” by the Black Metal pioneers Venom, from their 2015 album “From The Very Depths”. If you love kick ass metal, you will love that album, go pick it up, and enjoy. As for Mortal Kombat X, I hope you enjoy this fan made trailer. Thanks for watching.