This weekend, Tron came down to my place for a Replay Ability recording session. We managed to get through a number of good games, including a brand new Wii U-exclusive indie title known as Affordable Space Adventures. This was the highlight of the session, I believe…and in fact, the game itself might be one of my highlights of the year so far. This game provides an incredibly unique experience that, as of right now, you could only have on the Wii U. It does a damn good job of touting the asynchronous gameplay that Nintendo is attempting to provide in multiplayer titles, and also remains tense and enthralling throughout the entire experience.

Affordable Space Adventures is an adventure/puzzle game that focuses a lot on exploration and experimentation. It can be played solo, of course, but I believe playing it co-operatively, as Tron and I did, is really the way to go for this title. For our LP, one of us controlled the actual flight of the spacecraft, while the other used the Wii U Gamepad to manage the resources and functions of the ship while maintaining its heat, pressure, and reactor integrity. It’s a much deeper experience that it at first appears, and we were absolutely hooked the entire way through.

This game is a gem that you shouldn’t miss. If you have a Wii U, pick this game up on the eShop, where I believe it runs $20. If you don’t have a Wii U, be sure to check it out if/when you eventually get one. Otherwise, if you’re interested in the title and just want to sit with us through a blind Let’s Play of the game, by all means tune in for our video series. Part 1 aired today, and is visible below, so be sure to check it out!

– Adam

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