This is a Hybrid Paladin run. It will show parts of the Wizard, Thief and Paladin as much as I can.

Welcome to my LP of the forth game in the QFG series. In this sequel the hero appears in a dark cave after being teleported away from his friends at the end of QFG III. However, everything we collected in QFG III didn’t make the trip with us…the Hero starts with the Armor on his back and 1 crown in his money pouch. Things look pretty grim at this point as you cannot exit the area you are in and have no idea where you are.

As you look around the room you will notice a few dead bodies along the ground…you can either trip over them or search them for their items. These skeletons will have varying amounts of “Crowns” and Kopeks” which are what the “Royals” and “Commons” were in the previous games.

The more important items are the dagger and flint that you can get. This will allow you to make a spark, which you need to have in order to get a torch. Once you can see, head to the entrance and you will force the door with the dagger.

In the next room, pick up the battered sword and shield and head south. You will be attacked by Bats. I tend to go with auto battle in this game as the fighting mechanic is the weakness of the game. Once the bats are dead you will enter the next room. Once in this room cross over the pit by using the hand over hand choice. Once through here you will end up outside. A girl will talk to you and leave. Make sure you take the “dark one” sign before leaving the screen. It is vital to the game.

Once on the next screen slide down the slope and if you are a hybrid paladin like me, use force bolt to knock the rocks away from the bonzai bush, then cast fetch on it. If you don’t have magic, go over one screen and pick up some rocks to throw and it…it will then drain down to your reach.

Go west again and quickly head north, away from the swamp. Keep going north until you reach a dead-end, then head east one screen and north another. Once at the gates, check the old stump for some more money and take an ear of corn from the Stalk.

However at the fork I went to the west and talked to Boris the Gatekeeper so I could start a Quest once I got into town.

Once in town you will see a staff. Touching it will make you let go real fast…so ignore it for now, but perhaps take some of the flowers. Then you will meet the Burgomeister….and he doesn’t like you…talk to him about everything and then go inside to get more info. Once done go to the general store and talk to the owner…strange…she knows a Boris just like that gatekeeper…mention that to her to start a side quest…a long…annoying side quest.

Buy some rations, candy, a pie tin and the broom. You can get garlic for free in your hotel room. Leave.

Go to the inn, talk to everyone and rent a room for the week.

Check here for map of Mordavia –>…4ForestMap.html

Stay tuned for part 2!

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