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Is gaming on consoles coming to an end? Can a new technology make cheap beer taste better? Is 200-300 hours too long for a video game?

We tackle these questions and more on this episode of the Pondering Nerdcast!

Show Notes

End of an era or new beginnings? Konami announces plans to be aggressive in the mobile market. (

Fallout 4 rumors – (

This gadget makes your cheap beer taste like an expensive draft pour. (

Supergirl first look trailer. (

Disney World in Orlando is set to get an Indiana Jones themed bar. (

About The Author

Lance John

Hello all my name is Lance John. I've been a nerd at heart ever since I was given a computer that more or less taught me basic programming. My first program was to make a pixilated house talk. Exciting!  I've loved video games ever since I got my hands on a Turbo Grafix 16 System (if I didn't date myself with the computer part this system will). From there I went to play and own many consoles.  I've loved movies ever since I saw The Good The Bad and the Ugly. This led to me switching my career path into multimedia editing, a passion of mine.   Because of video games, movies and computers I have found my path in life and love living every second of it. My wide knowledge base on many things geek and nerd-oriented have allowed a way for me to make content of what I love. One of the first ventures in this field was organizing video game tournaments with Castle Gaming. Later on I co-create and co-host various shows such as Press Any Key Podcast, Pondering Nerds Podcast and The Titty Talk Show, all of which I'm proud of. This is why working with Geeks With Wives is so exciting because I get to continue doing what I love to do.   I look forward to the future in the world or nerdom and can't wait to see and play with all it has to offer.

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