One of my favorite Trilogies of all time, Back to the Future had a rough video game life…if you’ve ever played the NES version’s you know exactly what I mean. So so bad. However, Bob Gale got involved this time and we have a decent “no way to die” adventure game perfect for point and click “newbs” that want to get into the genre but not get screwed over at every turn like in the King’s Quest series.

Join Aherr21, DiscoBob and myself as we playthrough the first episode based in 1986 then back to 1931 to try and save our dear Friend Doc Brown.


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A long time Let's Player that specializes in Adventure games from the past. Saxcat has been a featured component of ScrewAttack and is the past. He also enjoys playing games from Sierra...such as the Police Quest, Quest for Glory series and King's Quest.

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