Welcome to the first article in my new series, exclusive to Gaming Rebellion – THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!

My reason for creating this series is simple: I have a shitload of games that for one reason or another, I don’t enjoy playing anymore, even though I played the hell out of them in the past. I feel it necessary to explain why I loved these games, and why I don’t play them anymore, essentially “retiring” them.

With that being said, here we go…




Resident Evil 2 is, without question, the greatest PSOne game I’ve ever played. Not only did it introduce me to the survival horror genre of video games, it also helped me get through my final year of high school.  And it was fun as hell!

For those of you not familiar with this game (all three of you), here’s the rundown:

The story takes place a few months after the first Resident Evil. Leon Kennedy, newest recruit to the Raccoon City Police Department, arrives in the city, just in time for a zombie outbreak. He runs into Claire Redfield, who is in town searching for her brother, Chris Redfield, one of the main characters from the first game. On their way to the police station, they get separated, and have to use what limited weapons they have to meet up, and survive this nightmare.




Much like the first Resident Evil, the narrative changes, depending on which character you use. The difference is, when you finish the game with one character, you will get to play as the other character through a second play through, which is considerably harder than the first play through, especially when you have to contend with Mr. X and the monstrous William, both of whom refuse to stay dead.

Also, both main characters have a secondary character that they collaborate with, mostly to move the plot forward. Depending on which main character you start with, the dialogue they have with each other is slightly altered, sometimes to humorous effect. This was one of the many things I enjoyed about this game, and the main reason I played it repeatedly.  The other reason was that I simply found it fun to shoot zombies and various mutants.


RE2 Zombies


There are a lot of good jump scares in this game.  Even after you know where they are, they are still fun to trigger, for instance: the many times a licker jumps through a mirror or skylight. Mr. X also provides a good chunk of the tense moments during the second play through, mainly because he can deal and take a lot of damage before you can take him down. The one altercation that freaked me out the most happened when you have to get a control room key to bring back the lift to the lab. I turned the corner to get back to the door, and there he was. Later, I learned that you could check the security cam to see him coming. Oh, well…

Now that I went through the good, here are some things that I did not like about the game:

(1) There is no option to skip dialogues.  This aggravated me because certain conversations became a chore with repeated playthroughs.

(2) Tank controls kinda suck, but they didn’t bother me too much after I got used to them, especially considering other games had it worse (looking at you, Silent Hill).

(3) The graphics are extremely dated.  Even when the game was first released, they looked crappy, like most 3D rendered games of the PSOne era, which is why it’s not a major strike against the game, just a minor blemish.


RE2 Brian Irons


So, why am I deciding to retire this game?

To be honest, I’m no longer interested in playing it, or rather, I’ll play it for 30 minutes and get bored. The number one reason I play video games is enjoyment, with challenge and music tying for second. I now get my Resident Evil fix from the recently re-released Resident Evil remake, and I might finally have the desire to finish Resident Evil 4. Considering the wide success of the RE re-release, and the recent announcement of an HD port of RE Zero, I really hope an HD remake of RE 2 will happen in the near future – it really deserves it.

Having said that, nothing will ever change the way I felt about this game, or the many great memories I made with it. I remember the first time I got the Infinite Rocket Launcher, and blew the hell out of everything, or the time I kept getting killed by William because I had the Submachine gun, and refused to change weapons.

Resident Evil 2, you were awesome.  Thanks for the memories.