Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you all the usual heads up as to what the hell has been going on over at our Youtube channel!

NEW FEATURE: Smashterpiece Theatre!

In this series, Tron and I look at the best and the worst of the Super Smash Bros. Wii U share mode…specifically, we take a look at the stages people submit, see how they play, and give them a rating on what is usually a rather flexible rating scale. We also pit 4 level 8 CPUs against each other on them and bet on who will be the victor! Be sure to check out this hilarious new video series. It’s going to be a weekly feature and will come out on Wednesdays, so you can watch out for a new one this week as well!

Our recent Let’s Plays!

Our most recent set of LPs have started to go up, and a few of them will certainly tickle any retro gamer’s fancy! First off, we have Mega Man 2, which is pretty much universally loved by anyone who’s a fan of the Blue Bomber. What more can I say about this one, other than the fact that it’s awesome!!

Next up, we’ve got the incredibly unique Tengen-cart shmup, Fantasy Zone! I snagged this one just a while ago because Tron had been interested in playing through it…and then sure enough, I found a copy for a great price! What better time to do an LP of this crazy shroom trip!

Thirdly, we decided it was about time to play some DuckTales, but rather than go for the classic title, we settled on DuckTales Remastered! This slick remake is an incredibly well-done revamp of the original game, with hand-drawn characters and 3D environments, and yet somehow it still manages to feel like a pixel-perfect platformer. Be sure to check it out and talk about Disney stuff with us!

Last, but not least, we have a more recent game that isn’t exactly retro, but certainly has retro roots. Tron and I were trying to decide on a longer LP to work on, and since we both love Doom 3 so damn much, that’s what we chose! Our Doom 3 playthrough just started today, so there’s only one vid to check out so far…but keep your eyes peeled for the rest!

That’s it for now, and as always, if you like this content be sure to come and check out our channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ReplayAbilityVG! Not only do we have the rest of these LPs up, but also around 40 more for you to peruse and enjoy! We offer commentary that ranges from comprehensible to absolutely insane at times, so there’s sure to be a game or a discussion that might interest you!

Thanks, and keep gaming!

– Adam

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