Now that some time has gone by since the passing of Satoru Iwata, it’s time to get back into Nintendo goings-on. The most fascinating Ninten-news I’ve seen lately was the sudden announcement by Square Enix that Dragon Quest X/XI would be released on the NX system, then the quick correction stating they would be “considered” for the NX. Next, Square Enix continued to show their interest in the NX with the announcement that a port of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn could make its way to the NX. I’m fascinated by this, not due to the speculation that is now circling regarding the system (What will it run? How powerful will it be? Will it rely heavily on the Quality of Life platform?), but rather, the type of game being spoken of, the company that made the statement, and how early this statement has come.

The Wii U needed more JRPGs; maybe the NX will do this.

The Wii U needed more JRPGs; maybe the NX will do this.

It’s another Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy game, so what’s the big deal?

I’ve stated before that Nintendo missed a huge opportunity by not gathering more JRPG content for their Wii U; I’m happy Xenoblade Chronicles X will be making it’s way to my Nintendo console in December, but I just wish there were more. With the GamePad being such a great tool to use for maps, inventory, and potential for unique ways to play games, it would seem that JRPG gameplay would be enhanced by the little console. In addition, Nintendo would be catering to their favorite market; their home market of Japan. This seems like a win-win for the company, yet, many JRPGs (and RPGs, as a matter of fact) have passed the Wii U for the PS4 and Xbox One.

This is why Square Enix already “sniffing out” the NX is so huge; this could be a sign that JRPGs may be making a solid presence again on a Nintendo console. Now, JRPGs typically don’t make oodles of money, but they have slowly been making a comeback, in a sense (see titles like Bravely Default and Yokai Watch), and franchises like Final Fantasy will continue to draw large crowds. Nintendo could help to push this genre further into the spotlight again with the NX, if this [incredibly] early interest is a sign of things to come. So, the opportunity to cater to their home market and create more 3rd party support for their system? Nintendo should start working with Square Enix sooner than later!

SE has some well known franchises. Games like Final Fantasy could potentially be great for Nintendo's NX.

SE has some well known franchises. Games like Final Fantasy could potentially be great for Nintendo’s NX.

Why is Square Enix so important?

Final Fantasy. Dragon Quest. Kingdom Hearts. These are just a few of the top selling franchises Square Enix has produced over the years. These would create more hardware sales for Nintendo, as well as lay a solid foundation for a game library. But, if that wasn’t enough, creating healthy relationships with developers like Square Enix could also open doors to other genres made within the company – titles like Tomb Raider and Hitman might also make their way to the console, creating even more of a library.

I’m willing to bet that if Square Enix is showing potential support so early for a system we know almost nothing about, other companies have had their interest piqued as well. This, again, simply leads to more 3rd party games (more specifically, for this article, JRPGs), which the Wii U has been lacking for some time now. In short, Square Enix is a well known name that could open the door for other developers to step in.

Why does such an early [ambiguous] statement mean so much?

To have developers show any interest at all when there is nothing revealed about the system, other than the fact that it is in development, is a good sign that companies are still interested in Nintendo products. With the Wii U garnering so much controversy and what seems to be disdain from so many developers, this is a little refreshing to see. Sure, Nintendo 1st party titles are simply outstanding, but the gaming masses want more, whether we realize it or not. Where does the massive amount of content stem from? Other developers. Whether you like them or not, the Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and various sports games out in the gaming world sell very well. These can result in hardware sales for Nintendo, if proper marketing and 1st party titles can sell (which, honestly, Nintendo titles will). This all to say one thing: this shows interest from developers, which leads to support, and ultimately could prove to be a lucrative partnership.

Could you imagine Kingdom Hearts on a Nintendo console? It would fit perfectly!

Now, all of these thoughts are speculation, since we haven’t heard much about the NX from other developers, and we have no clue what the NX truly is. But, I found this news to be quite intriguing; this could be a very nice start already for Nintendo’s next console (or, whatever it is). I’ll be keeping my eye on other developers over the next six months though, as I have a feeling we will start hearing more interest in the NX from others.

What do you think about Square Enix’s sudden statements about possible NX support? Would you like to see more JRPGs on a Nintendo system; do you think both the genre and the company would benefit if that happened?