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With pushing forward into new realms of media, and in a continued effort to get more content out every week, the decision was made to start GamingRebellionLive (GRL) on Twitch. GRL will be our streaming outlet, starting out with two awesome week-night shows, with more to come in the future. We want the chance to not only bring great game play and a lot of fun, but also to connect with the people who matter most… our viewers. Our current weekly schedule is as follows:


Retro Rage – Monday nights at 9pm Eastern/ 6pm Pacific

Retro Rage is simple. Each week, Derik Moore aka @ithinkibrokeit, will be picking out a couple difficult titles he either loved or hated. I, Nate Rowe aka @therealshepherb, get to beat my head into a wall trying to play them for the first time, LIVE. Anger and hilariousness will ensue. We will also be dropping little tid-bits about the games themselves, and of course, interacting with the viewers. To kick off GRL right on our first night, we will be giving away a $20 gift card to the game service of your choice (Steam, Nintendo eShop, Xbox Live, PSN). So come hang out, show your love, and win some nerd swag from your homies!


Brasel's Tuesday Night Stories

Brasel’s Tuesday Night Stories – Tuesday nights at 7:30 Eastern / 4:30 Pacific

Every Tuesday night, grab some popcorn for a night of video game storytelling with your buddy, Brasel The Gamer aka @BraselTheGamer.  Each week, Brasel will be playing games chocked full of story, starting with Chrono Cross for the original PlayStation.  Expect lots of RPGs and other games that provide a rich, storytelling experience.



Rebel Play – Saturday & Sunday nights (Time TBA)

Though we are trying to put together consistent weekly shows for our followers, we will also be letting random Rebellion staff host on weekend nights. You never know who is going to be on or what kind of craziness will take place! Either way, come hang out to see some great games and get to know your favorite GR writers better. Be sure to follow along on Twitter @GamingRebellion for more info on guests and times!

We hope to see you all soon and thank you for your continued support to the Rebel cause! Stay awesome everyone.

About The Author

Nate Rowe

Gamer/writer. Co-Host of The Pondering Nerds Show. Senior Editor of GCSC's The Gull's Cry. I'm my own favorite comedian! Also, I have saved the universe countless times... you're welcome!

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