We have had a great first week for our Twitch channel; to the people who came and showed support, we can’t thank everyone enough. In case any of you missed seeing our two current shows’ premiere live, here are the first episodes:

Retro Rage:

In this episode, Derik inflicts SNES games Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts and Shaq Fu upon the uninitiated, Nate Rowe. In Viewer’s Choice Nate plays X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse and Super R-Type.

Tuesday Night Stories

Tony, aka Brasel The Gamer,  began his Tuesday Night Stories series with the legendary PS1, JRPG: Chrono Cross. He will be continuing his playthrough of Chrono Cross next week, so if you missed the first batch, definitely come hang out for the second!

Coming Soon:

Our resident Nintendo guru, Michael Bowerman, will be starting a stream on Thursday nights sometime soon. He will be streaming everything Nintendo, from SNES and Gamecube, all the way to new titles on the WiiU.

Then on Friday nights, also in the near future, Mike Maverick aka Mike Laffitte will be hosting a sort of Friday Night Fights (not the actual name). Each week, Mike will be taking a look at some awesome fighting game titles and showcasing his skills. 

Stay tuned for more information on those great shows and everything else coming from GRL!

Make sure to follow to us at http://www.twitch.tv/gamingrebellionlive for more information on our scheduled shows each week, especially as we keep growing. Rebels may be doing random streams on the weekends, but we will always post to our Twitter account whenever a stream is going live, so be on the look out.  Thanks for watching, and stay tuned Rebels!

About The Author

Derik Moore

Derik Moore has been gaming for over a quarter of a century and hails from the bootheel of Missouri. He enjoys games from the NES all the way up to PS4. He collects video games, and has a weird attachment to handhelds. You can also follow him on Twitter @ithinkibrokeit.

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