I wanted to do something a little bit different with this video. I’ve been doing straight up reviews for some time, and I had gone back and watched my original video of Super Mario Bros 2. That video was more of a retrospective gush-fest than everything that followed it. That is what I originally wanted to do with the channel: have reviews and retrospectives that didn’t necessarily fit the same mold as everyone else’s. I’m sure there are people out there that do the same thing, but I’d rather report on my experiences with a game rather than cold hard facts. I’ll still be adding in some fun little tidbits of trivia, because I like that, but expect some less than straightforward and predictable reviews for awhile.

ALSO: This is the start of Metal Gear Month! I have two more Metal Gear related videos to follow, including a collab with a good friend from the RetroHolics Anonymous Podcast. It’ll be a SOLID time for all, I’m sure.

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Brasel the Gamer has been playing games since 1988, when he first got his hands on an NES and Super Mario Bros 2. It's been a lifelong passion ever since. Now he wants to share his love for video games with the world. Brasel the Gamer is an equal opportunity gamer, playing everything from NES to PS3, Genesis to WiiU.

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