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On this episode of the Pondering Nerdcast: Nate and Zack get a chance to sit down and talk with writer, actor, and producer Alec Peters about his current project on, Star Trek: Axanar. Axanar is the an independent Star Trek film aiming for Hollywood quality production values and special effects on a micro budget. We discuss everything from how the project originated to current events on the set. We also talk about the cast/crew, and even who the best Star Trek Captain of all time was. All this and more on this episode of the Pondering Nerdcast!

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Nate Rowe

Gamer/writer. Co-Host of The Pondering Nerds Show. Senior Editor of GCSC's The Gull's Cry. I'm my own favorite comedian! Also, I have saved the universe countless times... you're welcome!

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