Dear Diary,

Today was the day I was finally able to set out on my mission. Quite possibly the most important mission that has ever been handed down in the history of the universe, but that may be an over exaggeration on my part. The details were not clear at first, but what followed was nothing short of miraculous…

After waking up at 0500 and meeting with my higher-ups for our initial mission briefing, I headed to the chow hall for a quick breakfast. Shit on a shingle and some fairly nasty coffee was on the menu, but with my stomach doing somersaults from the nerves, I didn’t consume much. It was then off to my final briefing before departing for the mission site with the other 3 members of my team; Colonel Decker, Sergeant Quint, and Corporal Grey.




Due to the lack of sleep from the night before, I was not able to get the full details of what lie ahead, but I knew enough to know that I was in for a very dangerous mission, a Rescue Operation. In my opinion these kinds of missions are very high risk/high reward, but they are important. After all, my fellow compatriots lives are at stake, I MUST succeed.

Things seemed to start off fairly low key. We were dropped off in the middle of a tropical desert, in what can only be described as the outskirts of a small military stronghold. It was soon apparent that there was in fact hostiles in the area, as it wasn’t long before I began to encounter the lower level foot soldiers out on patrol. They were pretty easy to eliminate, and I was able to mow them down in my vehicle with little to no effort. I also was able to take a few of them out using my mounted machine gun. Which reminds me, I really need to have that thing looked at when I return to base. It seems to only be able to shoot in a Northerly direction no matter what direction I am facing. Strange…




On the plus side, my grenades are working, and I was able to make fairly quick work of the mounted gun turrets that had been set up in an effort to spoil our mission. However, thanks to my insane ability to maneuver my jeep in a way that seems to defy the very laws of physics, I was able to outflank them and blast em’ to pieces. Take that bad guys!

Our intelligence told us that our comrades were being held captive inside various housing facilities scattered around the area. As a result, I had to use my explosives in attempt to breach the various buildings that I came across. Luckily for me I was able to liberate a guy from one such building who happened to have some rocket propelled explosives on hand. He was more than happy to give them to me at no cost. He said he had some brothers being held elsewhere that would more than likely have some slightly stronger explosives available, if I could find them that is.




After zig-zagging my way through this hostile land, I finally came across my first mission target. Unfortunately these P.O.W. huts were located inside of a prison compound with some fairly imposing walls and a large steel door. This hulking menace was juxtaposed by two measly little guards, who were quickly and quietly subdued. At this time, I am happy to report that the enemy is not as well-funded as we anticipated. This is evidenced by the shoddy construction of their fortification. Seriously, one single RPG fired at that metal door reduced it to rubble, and I was able to drive my jeep right in to the middle of it.




Inside the compound walls, I was quickly able to take out the few unlucky guards left to patrol the area, and liberate three buildings worth of our captured compatriots. I was also able to locate one of the brothers and acquire the more powerful RPG’s that had been promised earlier. And that upgrade sure helped out when I had to blast my way out through the Northern wall. I was able to take out two guards with a single shot thanks to that sucker. EASY PEASY! LEMON SQUEEZY!

With a greater sense of purpose I set out, leaving that first compound in shambles. I now had an insatiable thirst that could only be quenched by the joy of liberating my fellow countrymen. I knew I had to press on and find the rest… no matter the cost.

Even though I remember hearing about a dangerous river crossing during my meetings leading up to this mission, I was not prepared for what I experienced on that rickety old bridge. Almost as soon had I started to make my way across, an enemy gunboat came in to view, bearing down on me at a quick rate of speed. I had to double-back to avoid his fire, and was finally able to blast him to kingdom come with a swift RPG to the front-end. Sadly, the foot soldier on the bridge didn’t fare much better, as he was quickly turned in to goo by my tires as I ran his ass down. Unfortunately for me, that gun boat had a friend waiting just up the river to ambush me. He was a tricky bastard, but I was finally able to send him to the same watery fate as his friend.




At this point I must have blacked out, or otherwise fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember was seeing a red tank coming towards me from behind a handful of palm trees. The POWs must have noticed too, because they seemed to scatter in multiple directions upon seeing him. It was only by some unseen miracle that I was Jackal_NES_Turretable to dodge his attack, out maneuver his counter, and blast him to itty-bitty pieces. Looking back, it was as if life had given me some kind of second chance or something.

I was able to locate a third brother who was able to give me some more RPG ammunition. It was at this point that I noticed something strange. Something must have happened during my black-out, because my existing supply of missiles were now gone. When I went to use them to liberate this fine man, I only found grenades.

The enemy must have been made aware of our rescue mission, because what we found next was a large mass of enemies all set on trying to stop us dead in our tracks. Sand bag bunkers and multiple gun turrets seemed to appear out of nowhere. It took some fancy maneuvering on my part to dodge and weave my way through the swarms of attacking soldiers and mayhem that followed.Jackal_NES_Bunkers

I must have caught a second wind, because at one point I felt invincible. Like nothing could stop me. It was as if the swarms of enemies just disappeared in to thin air. Who knew I could be that effective? My team told me later that I had red stars in my eyes…. whatever than means. One final push!

After the adrenaline wore off, I finally caught a glimpse of something familiar. The extraction point! In order for us to complete our mission, we had to clear the zone of any remaining hostiles so that the helicopter could come in and pick them up. And it’s a good thing too, because after we finally liberated the fourth brother and got his cache of upgraded blammo, our jeep was starting to resemble a clown car. We literally had guys spilling out over the sides, and it made cornering the vehicle interesting at times…




Unloading those rescued men really must have done something to me psychologically. About halfway through the unloading process I felt as if I had earned another chance in life. I swear I even heard a sound that could only be described as heaven chiming a bell for my efforts. I am happy to report that all the men made it safely in to the chopper, and they were able to fly away unscathed! REJUVENATED!

It was now our time. The four of us had completed our mission, and it was now up to us to extract ourselves from this hostile land. Just us against the few remaining forces. None of us knew what to expect from this point forward. We proceeded cautiously towards the north, as this seemed like the best way to get the hell out of Dodge. But at some point we must have made a wrong turn because we soon found ourselves in a dead end with nowhere to go, and before we knew it we were met with an ambush. Four hostile tanks came out of the forest and proceeded to try and wipe us off the face of the planet. We spent a fair amount of time playing what felt like ring-around-the-rosey with these bastards, but we were finally able to defeat them all and make our escape.




All in all it was an eventful day. I would qualify this mission a success, as we managed to rescue all the captives, and see them extracted safely. I am not sure what tomorrow has in store for us, as I seem to have misplaced my map. All I do know is that this battle made my blood boil, but I should sleep well tonight. HOO-YEAH!