As requested by BlackPowaJesus- @AfroPowaJesus -I’m reviewing McDonald’s Treasureland Adventures. Since it was donated to me, I’m reveiwing it before I get to AVGN adventures. If I plan on making reviews for donation purposes, I will set up the rules and regulations for those types of reviews. It will help the show out, and help me add in more equipment and stuff for the channel.

About The Author

Hello! My name is Mike Maverick, the Ace Gamer, where I play it, I ace it! I'm a guy that loves to play video games, and trying my best to beat them and move on to another game if it's necessary. I have a web series, called "the Ace Gamer Show" where I go into detail about the game and at the end of the review, you will see if I either ace it, or fail it. That is all, and I will see you guys in the near future as I entertain for great justice.

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