Welcome to the Netflix Rebellion. A regular article bringing you updates on Netflix’s streaming library. We will let you know what’s coming and going, geared specifically to our refined culture of geeks, nerds, gamers, and cinephiles.

We’ll report on movies and shows we’re excited about and let you know what we think is worth checking blah blah blah…here’s what is happening for November.

Netflix Originals

c901fb8f-8572-4903-a9aa-e199d11f2ef8JESSICA JONES November 20

We’re all extremely intrigued and excited to see this relatively unknown Marvel heroine on the heels of the success of Daredevil. The gorgeous Krysten Ritter has shown she can be a major and hilarious “B in apartment 23” as well as troubled/sinister on The Black List playing polarized twin sisters. I’m interested to see is if she can truly nail the dramatic aspects of a lead role. She was good in Breaking Bad. Not amazing, but she kept up with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Unproved dynamism aside, among the other casting options such as Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson) and Australian actress, Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies), Ritter is by far the best choice for the role. There is a lot of good hype but with a different group of writers and directors, we’ll see how Jessica Jones stacks up against Daredevil. That’s a lofty benchmark with great cinematography, excellent character development, and “OMFG!” fight scenes. Oh yeah, David Tennant is in this too. Rad.


2303b831-0035-4e8f-b90d-ff405d8bde0fTHE SEVEN DEADLY SINS: SEASON 1 November 1

This adaptation of the popular manga doesn’t look like it’s pulling too many punches when it comes to violence, sensuality and…adorable pigs. The trailer shows a lot of promise for interesting characters, and what anime does best, exciting combat! It also has lots of scantily covered, boob bouncing, PG13 “sexiness”…if you’re into that sort of thing.


Master of None


Starring Parks & Recreations alum, Aziz Ansari in a role without all of his swagger shtick which makes me happy. His humor on stage and as Tommy “Timberlake” Haverford is comedic excellence, but as time has gone on I’m glad to see him move forward to something new. Master Of None looks hilarious and sincere; about a 30-year-old actor trying to figure everything out.



W/BOB AND DAVD: SEASON 1 November 13

Mr Show? MR SHOW!!!! Mr Show is back, kind of. Oh Lord thank you for bringing Bob and David back together. These two have had hugely successful careers separately and despite all of their successes, the one thing we’ve been asking for is back. Them reuniting! I could cry. *weeps bitter tears of happiness*


Credit: Photograph by Nick BriggsRIVER: SERIES 1 November 18

Starring Stellan Skarsgård (Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean), there hasn’t been too much promotion for this series. What we do know is that Skarsgård plays John River, a brilliant detective haunted by the ghosts in his cases. I think the “brilliant but broken detective” thing is a bit played out. Although if he’s actually haunted, this could make for a deep and dark take on the detective genre.


Other stuff coming to Netflix

375c19f5-16c9-40ad-80a4-2b3039704333ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: THE WILD, UNTOLD STORIES OF CANNON FILMS November 29

If there was ever a cheesy 80’s action movie, whether it had Chuck Norris, and/or ninjas, it was most definitely made by Cannon Studios! This documentary, full of some our favorite action stars, is all about the production company that made these movies that we still love today.


f1ab7cce-e9f4-4442-9ea1-50102fb3c10dMANDELA, MY DAD, AND ME November 1

A documentary about Idris Elba creating a Nelson Mandela inspired musical album about his experience playing Nelson Mandala in a film. This is perhaps the most meta thing I’ve heard of. Interesting, but meta.


060f7bce-4dd0-40fd-826a-b596c4c76475CONTINUUM: SEASON 4 November 15

The final season of this Syfy series starring Rachel Nichols (Star Trek, GI Joe) as Keira Cameron, a detective from the year 2077 that’s trapped in the present day.


3a5f947d-3b5e-4765-8619-8fd71db0d195ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: SEASON 3 November 23

Your friendly, neighborhood , ULTIMATE Spider-Man is back and I have the sudden urge to play every 3D Spider-Man game.


bdb588c3-afdb-4bc6-be6a-bdab893517cfTHE RUNNER November 5

Nic Cage! Enough said.


November 25

Solely celebrity voiced (Jim Parson, Rihanna, Steve Martin) with a script that I’m  certain consists of inappropriate poop jokes and not so veiled innuendo. Add a generic story with generic artwork and you got yourself another generic Dreamworks movie.


Last Call.  Leaving November 1

Largely responsible for bringing gore-horror to the western audience and making it more mainstream. The best of the series, in my opinion and perfect to watch for Halloween.

Also perfect for Halloween, Scream redefined and revitalized the slasher genre from the master of horror himself, Wes Craven!

Empirically the worst Batman movie there is, and ever will be. Possibly even the worst comic book movie as well. Check out the Bat NipplesTM and cringe worthy performances that a tights clad Uma Thurman couldn’t save. Also a great choice for a nightmarish movie, unintentionally speaking of course

Four misfit friends set off on a deadly adventure to find a dead body. Oddly one of my favorite movies since I was 7 years old.

[corrected 10/29/2015] If you haven’t seen this, stop what you’re doing…well finish this first and then go watch this dark drama that is not actually based on a true story like we once believed. An excellent fiction and movie all the same. (thanks kind Redditer for your fact correction and friendly name calling)

They were on a mission from God to save their orphanage by singin’ the blues in this genre defining comedy.