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In this episode of the Retroholics Anonymous Podcast, we talk about the recent developments at Konami, what they’ve done right and what they’ve done wrong… so very, very wrong.

Show Agenda

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What is your favorite Konami game or franchise?

When you consider the Parodius games, it was apparent at one point in time that Konami had a sense of humor. When did they have the stick in their ass installed?

Do you agree with Konami’s decision to focus more on Pachinko machines?(WTF IS a Pachinko machine?)

Many gamers were pissed when Konami killed a new Silent Hill game. Opinions about this move?

Pretend Konami decided to develop games again…what game/franchise would you like to see them work on first?

Despite their recent ass-hattery, what do you think about Konami as a whole, taking into consideration their entire contribution to the video game industry?

If Konami would hand over the rights to indie game developers, what games/franchises would you like to see get a re-boot? What indie developers would you like to see handle specific games….

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