Welcome to the Netflix Rebellion for December. A regular article bringing you updates on Netflix’s streaming library. We will let you know what’s coming and going, geared specifically to our refined culture of geeks, nerds, gamers, and cinephiles.

Here’s what you can enjoy starting next month:

Netflix Originals

I’m Brent Morin December 1

The amount of standup specials seem to be ever increasing. I’d say it’s a bit saturated even. So keeping with Netflix being the official stand up streaming site, here’s another one. Newer comic Brent Morin, who has previously worked and performed on Conan, gets his very first special. Watching some of his routines, he has good material, but his delivery seems unrefined. Hopefully, this will be a career maker for this up and comer.


A Very Murray Christmas December 4

I don’t think there is a person on this planet that doesn’t love Bill Murray. From his early comedic career to his later dramatic acclaim, Bill Murray is the icon of cool. This is perhaps the first holiday movie that I’ve been excited to watch since “A Christmas Story”. Directed by Sofia Coppola, Bill Murray plays Bill Murray (this already sounds great) who is trying to put on a Christmas variety television show with many obstacles getting in his way. With a huge cast of actors and singers, this looks great even for those (myself included) who have a general disdain for the holidays and the sappy films that they bring.


The Ridiculous 6 December 11

Hey. Do you remember that Adam Sandler western where all the real native American extras complained about the offensive stereotypes that were the basis of much of comedy in the movie? Yeah that one. A controversy which Sandler said was “just a misunderstanding”. I don’t think that satire is totally up to racist scrutiny in our “I’m offended” culture, but it’s hard to find a clear line. I’m sure Native Indians aren’t the only thing satirized and Sandler has gone on to say that we’ll see the movie is actually pro-indian. Maybe this controversy was staged to actually spark an interest for us to watch another Adam Sandler film. Him getting a 4 picture deal on Netflix is way more offensive to me.


Making Of A Murderer Season 1 December 18

This documentary series is about Steven Avery, a man that spent 18 years in prison for rape and was freed after DNA testing revealed it was someone else. This series will take you down the path of Avery’s lawsuit to expose corruption and during that time, Avery becomes a prime suspect in a murder which got him sentenced to life in prison. This sounds like it should be a fiction, but is factual and very compelling.


19543b38-e0c7-41c7-b2a8-1d7eb90c2afdF Is For Family December 18

Created, voiced, and based on the childhood experiences of comedian, Bill Burr. With a great cast including Justin Long and Sam Rockwell, this looks like if Wonder Years, King Of The Hill and a Bill Burr routine were blended into a quaint, foul mouthed, 70’s nostalgia cartoon.


Other Stuff coming to Netflix

e31a14e0-a50f-4e72-b94f-687acd30a911 copyReal Rob Season 1 December 1

I remember hearing about this a while ago but it quickly dropped off my radar. This looks to be a Curb Your Enthusiasm clone on the surface, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Rob Schneider and I am genuinely excited to check this out.


4c34610e-3e15-425a-be9f-b1c400b1a5b7Broadchurch Season 2 December 1

The long awaited season 2 of this fantastic drama continues from where it left off. Stellar performances, a great story and amazingly heavy and atmospheric directing from season 1 has me very stoked to pick this up again.


c28e1aa9-4944-4cb9-ae9b-04064b14e623Helix Season 2 December 16

Syfy’s tense series is back with season 2. Viruses are still great makings for a thriller. Typical Syfy CGI effects plague the show worse than ebola, but the story and actors carry the weight and keep things moving along.


177468b1-108a-4c11-831a-9d53ce0c9a45Black Mirror “White Christmas” December 25

A feature length special of what people refer to as a Millennial’s Twilight Zone. White Christmas stars John Hamm in the world where the lines of humanity and technology blur. This has that Black Mirror feel and that is a very good thing. So, that’s two Christmas movies that I’m really excited about! Thank you, Santa!


2b0dc197-6d25-45cc-8c80-1273a4acecf4Darkman December 1

If you haven’t seen Darkman, it’s worth watching for the cheese factor and to look back at what was considered a pinnacle of CG special effects in 1990. I still laugh when Liam Neeson says “Take the f***ing elephant!!” LOL!


338550a3-009c-42c6-837a-e31ae569c9c3Nurse Jackie December 31

The entire seven seasons of Nurse Jackie will be available. We all loved Edie Falco in The Sopranos. This is a very different role for her as a drug addicted nurse who tries to balance the chaos of her job and personal dramas.


a4f9274d-2068-432e-9d71-43e340b8e017My Little Pony Season 5 December 28

Eight year old girls and grown ass men rejoice as a new season of Brony fuel hits the streaming library.spacer

Leaving on December 1st

Batman Begins
Batman’s beginning is coming to an end.

David Bowie and his moose knuckle will no longer have any power over us.

Silence Of The Lambs
[Insert pun about this movie being silenced]

The Brothers Grimm
An incredibly under-appreciated Terry Gilliam movie. Definitely worth watching before it leaves.

The Dark Crystal
This is among my favorite childhood movies despite it being the thing that childhood nightmares are made of. I’d still love to see this in it’s original made up language with subtitles and I do hope we’ll get to see the sequel that seems to have been shelved indefinitely.