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In this episode of the Retroholics Anonymous Podcast, we talk about scary video games, the horror genre, and general Halloween spookiness!

Show Agenda

NEWS SEGMENT – Allison Road picked up by Team17. Spiritual successor to PT. Originally in Kickstarter, but picked up by publisher Team17.

NEWS SEGMENT – Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water finally released in North America on October 22, 2015.

Of all the scary games and scary game series, what is your favorite game or series in the horror genre? 

What is the freakiest thing you’ve ever encountered in a non scary video game? 

Everyone knows the classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, what are some underrated hidden gems of the horror genre?

In your opinion, what makes a game scary? Jump Scares? Atmosphere? Something unexpected? 

Do you have any predictions as to which game series will take the scary title from formerly great series such as Resident Evil, Castlevania, and Silent Hill? 

What was the most memorable scare you ever received from playing a video game?

What non horror game series do you think could potentially release a horror type game?


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