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In this episode of the Retroholics Anonymous Podcast, we talk about violence, sex, and general vulgarity in video games and whether or not it’s necessary.

Show Agenda

NEWS SEGMENT – Nintendo Direct & Yatch Club Games AMA, Blizzcon/Overwatch, Fallout 4

What is ‘vulgarity?’For the purposes of this discussion vulgarity will include crass/crude humor, overuse of explicit language, nudity, over-sexualization of characters, extreme gore, and sexually explicit content.

What was the first vulgar video game you ever played and what made it memorable?

What is your favorite vulgar video game/series?

Do you think ESRB ratings are necessary and work? Have they ever impacted your gaming experience directly?

Do you think vulgarity in games enhances or takes away from the experience?

Best sex scene in a video game?

Has there ever been a time when you thought a video game took it ‘too far?’

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Brasel the Gamer has been playing games since 1988, when he first got his hands on an NES and Super Mario Bros 2. It's been a lifelong passion ever since. Now he wants to share his love for video games with the world. Brasel the Gamer is an equal opportunity gamer, playing everything from NES to PS3, Genesis to WiiU.

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