This video was a lot of fun to create. I still have more things to improve on, like my horrible voice over, but I’m getting there! Thanks for watching!  Mega Man X is probably one of my favorite games of all time, and I was very glad to finally feel like I was ready to make this video.

Video correction: At the end, I mention Xbox when I meant to say GameCube. :P

Special thanks to the cover artists in the video. Go subscribe to their YouTube channels!
Banjo Guy Ollie:
– Mega Man X Highway Cover –
– Mega Man X Spark Mandrill Cover –

V Mike:
– RΞMΛSTΞRΞD – Mega Man X – Where eagles Dare –
– RΞMΛSTΞRΞD – Mega Man X – God of Thunder (Ending Theme) –

Project Genesis:
– Mega Man X – Palace Grounds Cover –

Recursive Lament
– Brasel the Gamer Theme –

Gaming Rebellion –
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